The Apostle Island Sport Fishermen’s Association recently wrote a letter to WDNR officials and State Legislators asking that the WDNR take steps to establish a Seeforellen Brown Brood Stock population based out of the Bayfield Hatchery. The Seeforellen program over the last ten years has been an unqualified success in providing a first class sport fish in the Apostle Islands area, with specimens up to 24 pounds being caught.
With the Quagga mussel induced deterioration of the Lake Michigan food web, the guarantee of having Lake Michigan procured eggs to continue the program in the future is in doubt. The AISA believes the WDNR should take the proactive step of diversifying their egg source and establishing a Seeforellen strain specific to Lake Superior. If you agree, please tell your State Legislator and State Senator you support this.