The Apostle Islands Sport Fishermen’s Association, in partnership with Wisconsin Sea Grant and the Conservation Wardens of The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission are making available to the Lake Superior Angling Public a kit to assist in the marking, location, and removal of derelict fish nets in the Wisconsin and Michigan waters of Lake Superior.

These so called “Ghost Nets” can be a hazard to boaters, especially fishermen, as well as continuing to trap fish and aquatic waterfowl and mammals, until such time, as they eventually sink to the bottom of the Lake. On a Lake with the dynamic winds, waves and ice that Lake Superior has, even well anchored nets can be forced free.

As part of a continuing three-year program to address this, the AISFA assembled “Ghost Net Packs” consist of a marker float with flag, an attached cast iron lead free grapple hook with line, and instructions how to safely mark and report a derelict net to the appropriate authorities in both Michigan and Wisconsin, either by phone or by the Internet

Other parts of the program have included a safety video on fishing around commercial nets, that can be seen at, as well as education by the partners on best practices for anchoring the nets, as well as active derelict net removal by the GLIFWC Wardens.

The manufacture of the Packs as well as the other activities is funded by a grant to the Partners by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program

Superior Anglers can obtain one of the Packs at locations listed on the above web site, and on the Apostle Islands Sport Fishermen’s Association Facebook page.

For further information contact Al House AIFSA President at 715-292-5117

Current Locations:

Great Lakes Indian Fish and Game Commission Enforcement Wardens
River Rock Bait, Ashland WI
Anglers All,  Ashland WI
WDNR Service Center, Ashland, WI
Washburn Marina, Washburn WI
Sisikwit Bay Marina, Cornucopia WI
Western Lake Superior Trolling Association, Duluth, MN
South Shore Fishing Association, Marquette MI
Saxon Harbor Boat Club, Saxon Harbor WI

More to be added soon.