Apostle Islands Fishing Tips

Tip 1:

Tangles a problem? Try running shorter leads, 5 to 10 ft, behind your downrigger clip. Depending on the lure, this will give more action as well.

Tip 2:

Too often we are used to driving, walking, etc in a straight line. In fishing, that doesn’t necessarily work. We need to add action to the fishing lures. Don’t troll in a straight line, try “snaking” through the water. This changes how the lure swims and can trigger a fish to bite. Try to imitate a bait fish trying to elude a prey fish. “S” curves catch fish.


Going after Coho? Don”t be afraid to troll fast. Some days they won’t bite at the 2-2.5 mph that many other species like. If no bites, try 2.9-3.2 mph, and sometimes even faster. Just make sure your baits are  not sensitive to trolling at that high of speed. Not all baits can handle it.


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